Posted by Hank Mazurek on 31st Mar 2021

2022 Apparel Trends


Welcome to 2022. People might be wondering what next, how do I keep up with the changing world and the most important question of them all - What do I print on the T-shirts I want made? There is an overall increase in the use of custom printed t-shirts to create social awareness, raise a voice, and support a cause. However, specific designs and slogans printed on the t-shirts related to sensitive issues, such as diseases, gender, crime, and politics, are subject to criticism and legal actions. Not to mention the dreaded social media ban if it doesn't pass the secret (not called censorship) people behind what can and can not be posted. Further, customers from various industries, including hospitality, logistics, education, religious, construction, industrial, and medical, are increasingly providing custom printed t-shirts to their employees, members and customers which is used as a marketing technique.

Companies all over the world are using custom decorated t-shirts as an advertising tool. This advertising strategy involves less investment as compared to other forms of advertising. Therefore, companies are providing customized t-shirts to increase their brand identity as well as customer loyalty. Additionally, providing t-shirts with good quality material increases its shelf life, thereby helping the companies to gain visibility for a longer period, which in turn is anticipated to boost market growth.

Sports teams and clubs of almost all sports have started to design and wear custom-designed t-shirts and jerseys with their unique logo and design. This trend is helps every sporting club to increase the visibility of their team and to provide a unique look and attitude to their team players. Sporting activities across the country are witnessing considerable growth with increasing investments by schools, private clubs, parents and volunteers. As a result, the demand for customized t-shirts is expected to increase in the years to come.

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a significant disturbance in most industries around the world. While some industries suffered shutdowns and decreasing sales, the custom printed apparel industry continued to experience both the surge and decline all at once. While various outlets and large brand stores experienced a decline in customer sales and demand, it has been observed that there was an increase in the demand for custom t-shirts from e-commerce sites. 

Sales are looking good for the remainder of 2022 in an upward trend. Choose wisely on where you purchase your custom t-shirts and remember that T-shirts shouldn't cost that much and it is always to upgrade to a better fabric.